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The journey to success is not just a road – it's a partnership. If you're an owner operator seeking a dynamic and rewarding alliance, you've arrived at the right destination. At Hill Bros., we recognize the unique needs and ambitions of owner operators, and we're dedicated to providing an environment that empowers you to thrive independently while enjoying the benefits of a supportive and lucrative partnership.

From competitive compensation to cutting-edge technology and a network that spans the nation, discover how Hill Bros. can be the driving force behind your success as an owner operator. Embrace the open road with confidence, knowing that you're not just joining a company – you're becoming a valued partner in a journey towards unparalleled success.

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Owner Operator Truck Drivers

The trucking world is on fire and Hill Brothers Transportation is the owner operator company you’re looking for! Join Hill Brothers as an owner operator and work for a local trucking company that treats you with respect.

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Hill Bros Owner Operator Advantages

  • Insurance available through Hill Bros.
  • Aerodynamic, fuel efficient equipment
  • Permits
  • Reimbursed for tolls & scales
  • Paid reefer fuel
  • Monthly Safety & Production Bonus
  • Weekly Settlements
  • Discount on fuel, parts & tires
  • Professional Business Support w/ATBS is Optional with Fee
  • UTBA Benefits & Discounts
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Hill Bros Owner Operator Pay

  • $.01 per mile additional if driver has Hazmat Endorsement
  • Utility/Dedicated (Regional) to $1.16 CPM – all dispatched miles
  • Long Haul Dray (Dedicated to California) to $1.20 CPM – all dispatched miles
  • 100% Fuel Surcharge paid on loaded & empty miles based on National Dept. of Energy Price Monitoring
semi with a gold colored cab & white tiger painted on cab. Hill Bros logo on semi trailer

Hill Bros Owner Operator Requirements

  • Vehicle must pass our Safety inspection based on mileage and maintenance history
  • Maintain satisfactory safety record including logs, tickets and accidents
  • Must perform in a satisfactory manner with our Operations Department
  • Service our customers to the highest level
  • Remain professional and business-like at all times

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